Trackman - Golf Simulator

Massey Park’s Trackman golf simulator is so real, you’ll think you’re there! That’s no accident.

Trackman completely rebuilt and repurposed the simulator to push against the barriers of realism and accuracy. Their dedicated team uses drone mapping to render courses in the most extraordinary detail with incredibly high-definition graphics.

The Trackman golf simulator has 220+ golf courses loaded and ready to play! Have a go at an iconic course, try your swing at St. Andrews or, practice your skills in fun mini-games such as Neon Lights and Bullseye!

Make it a social affair and enjoy a round with friends. Grab some beers, or a beer tower, and play a friendly competition of 3 holes, 9 holes, or the full 18. The trackman room also features a TV with access to all Foxtel sports. 

Whether it’s:

  • Using the driving range set up to tune up your game.
  • Having a lesson with Mitch.
  • Playing one of the 234 courses with your friends, with an average of 3 new courses added every month.


There’s something for everyone. It’s unique. It’s the best. It’s indoor golf.

  • $25 – 30 minutes
  • $40 – 60 minutes
  • 4 players for 2 hours $40 per person. Usually, plenty of time to play 18 holes


Call the Proshop on 9731 3737 to enquire or book.