Following the reclamation of the swampland which covered the whole area of the present course and parklands, the Cabarita Mortlake Progress Association on the 14th December, 1948 suggested to Concord Council that a nine hole golf course be constructed.

On 26th April, 1950, Mr R.F. Ball, the council’s Parks and Gardens Superintendent, presented a report to council including an estimate of £11,100 for the construction and purchase of machinery for a nine hole golf course on Massey Park inclusive of buildings and alterations to the quarry cottage. After receiving reports from its officers, council agreed on 5th May, 1950 to proceed with the construction.

The course was designed by Mr. Fred Ball aided by Golf Professional Mr Lou Kelly. An article later appeared in the magazine Golf in Australia saying: “Those councils in New South Wales which bemoan the lack of playing fields in their districts should pay a visit to Massey Park. Formally a swamp, this evil smelling eyesore and menace to health has now been transformed into a well drained, grassy playing area to the delight of residents and visitors”.

The course was opened on Saturday, 28th March, 1953. It took a total of 12 years to completely fill the hungry swamp with fill from the municipality. Approximately 48 acres were reclaimed and covered 18 inches deep with ashes from the adjoining gas works. Grass and soil from road shoulders helped complete the task with trees being planted over the ensuing years. In the first twelve months, over 23,000 rounds of golf were played on the course.

A club called Riverside Social Club was formed in July 1953 and functioned until September 1956, when with the erection of a clubhouse, Massey Park Golf Club was formed. With originally sixty members, membership fees for the first year were £12 12 0, and the cost of a round of golf was four shillings. The clubhouse was officially opened by the Mayor James Bartley on 14th September, 1957.

With the extraordinary growth of the club over the first five years, it was decided that additions to the clubhouse were necessary. In 1960 the club commissioned the original architects, Dennis & Odling Reed to design the additions.

The additions included the addition of a dining annexe, the enlargement of the Member’s Bar and Lounge, the Associates Lounge, the enlargement of the Members and Associates locker rooms and the provision of adequate space for administration. Beneath theses extensions the “Porte Cochere” was also extended to allow for several arriving or departing cars to be accommodated. These additions were completed in 1962 at a cost of a little over£50,000.

The course remains the property of Canada Bay Council (formerly Concord Council) with members of the public having certain access to the course. The present parking area is located on what was originally a quarry, and it was on the bank of this quarry that the council constructed the first stage of the clubhouse, which is leased to the club. In 1962 the club made extensive additions to the building which included the auditorium.

Massey Park was named after the council’s then Health and Building Inspector, Mr. Charles Massey. The first President was Mr J.F. Hogan, the first Captain Mr J. M. Morrisey and the first professional was Mr. Don Spence.

Today with approximately 1,000 members in golfing and social categories, Massey Park Golf Club and Golf Course remain one of the most popular in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Over the years some memorable events have been witnessed at Massey Park. In 1957 Gary Player played a round of golf here against Bruce Crampton shooting a four under par 62 against Crampton’s 66 on what was then a par 66 course.

On 24th June, 1956, Mr. F. Taylor defeated Kel Nagle over an 18 hole stroke round in The 2UW State-Wide Golf Week. Taylor shot a nett score of 65 and was duly presented with a certificate of proof by the Australian golfing legend.

The legendary Ted Ball was a Greenkeeper here for three years and attributed the laying of the foundation to his career to his association with Massey Park. Ted’s best round at the course was 59.

In 1966, the Ladies Grade Team won NSW Ladies Grade Four Championship defeating Palm Beach in their final match. The team consisted of Olga Gerathy (Captain), Beryl Sorensen, Stelle Weir, Mary Dodds, Beverly Ashton, Annette Le Maitre and Shirley Roberts.

On 26th June, 1971 Mr. Joe Tracey who was then Captain won the Massey Park Cup becoming the first member to do so. Joe defeated a field of 132 of the State’s best players with a score of 66.

In 1976, Marion Peterson won the prestigious NSW Ladies Golf Union Metropolitan Gold Medal.

Tim Wand became the first member of the club to win two Massey Park Cups in 1996 and 2004. In addition he has won four club championships as well as championships at Ashlar and Strathfield.

In 2002, Steve Little won a remarkable tenth Club Championship. He won a C Grade Championship in 1968, his first Junior Championship in 1971 and the first of his Club Championships in 1977.

2003 and Massey Park Golf Club wins its most prestigious prize in 47 years with victory in the Metropolitan Mixed Pennant by narrowly defeating neighbour Concord GC in the final at Ashlar.

In 2005 Steve Little and Tim Wand teamed up to win the time honoured Buttenshaw Shield. They defeated Warringah in the final played at Strathfield Golf Club.